Generation Rent – it’s time for action

Will we soon see the rise of a new tenants' movement?

Should generation rent look to the rent strikes and tenant protests of the past ?

With the launch of his new book about the Tenants’ Movement, Leeds Beckett author and lecturer in housing studies, Dr. Quintin Bradley looks at the pressures on ‘generation rent’ and the emerging signs of a mass popular campaign around the issues of affordable quality housing.

There are growing signs of popular protest in this country against the injustices of what the housing charity Shelter calls a ‘broken’ housing market. House prices are rising seven times faster than wages and an increasing number of households now find themselves shoehorned into private rented accommodation that is substandard, overpriced and largely unregulated.

For ‘Generation Rent’ there is little hope of anything better since house price inflation continues to force them out of ownership and the number of quality, well-managed homes in the social rented sector keeps on declining. The campaign group ‘Priced Out’ expresses the anger of a generation that has had the housing ladder kicked away from under them. Protests and demonstrations have been held outside rental agencies that appear particularly exploitative. Continue reading

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